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Understanding what you need when you need it!

We provide the highest quality welds.

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We are perfect for solving  welding and metal problems

How can we help  ?
  • Work falling behind?

  • Trouble keeping good welders?

  • Losing money and time on rework?

  • Quality isn’t where it should be?


MIG, TIG, Stick and many other welding processes are provided by the skilled professionals at PWS.

We are the most punctual ones as we provide strict deadlines for our workers to get the desired results in an accurate time.

Welder Services

Metal Works

Arrival Time

Modern Technology

Certified Team


We have professional workers who are always on time and friendly when it comes to serving customers. We provide the best and fairest service possible.

Meeting Deadlines.

704-312-3025      833-797-9353

100 Terminal CT NW

Concord NC 28027

Mon - Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Follow All Quality Guideline.

Complete Projects According to Procedure. 

Zero Tolerance Safety Program.

100% Guarantee.
Free Consultations.
24/7 Support.

We're Ready Anytime.

We Are Available For 24/7 Emergency Services

We Provide The Best Services

    P.W.S A family Company Putting America back together, one weld at a time.

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